Mirthwood is a Fable-inspired adventure coupled with a Stardew Valley-style life sim

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Mirthwood is a new RPG life sim drawing from the likes of Fable and Stardew Valley.

The new PC game was announced earlier today from developer Bad Ridge Games. A single-player game, Mirthwood beckons players into a big open world filled to the brim with mystery and magic, and you can check out the announcement trailer in full just below.

Mirthwood's fully open-world has non-linear progression, so you're free to pursue whatever opportunities you wish. This might be delving into long-forgotten ruins for battle with a real-time combat system, or you can just go settle down at home with an upgradeable farmstead.

You'll need to raise animals and crops, which you can then take and trade at the local town with any of the population. Your relationship with various characters in Mirthwood is billed as "Sims-like," where you can reap rewards from your friendships and even romance.

Mirthwood is hyping itself up as Fable meets Stardew Valley, with a dash of The Sims and Rimworld for good measure. That's a pretty damn wide net to cast, and if Bad Ridge Games can successfully pull together all these inspirations into one package, Mirthwood should be well worth keeping an eye on.

Right now, Mirthwood looks set for a launch on PC at some point in early 2024, and there's no sign of it coming to consoles. At least the PC crowd will have this exclusive over their console counterparts, if Fable blended with Stardew Valley and The Sims sounds to your liking.

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