Minority Report TV show will star a female lead

Fox has secured the rights to the long-rumoured Minority Report TV show, with the new series set to feature a female lead.

According to THR , the studio has already tapped Godzilla writer Max Borenstein to write the script, while Steven Spielberg has also been involved in the development of the project so far.

The series will pick up with one of the three Pre-Cogs (mutated humans capable of seeing into the future), and will follow his attempts at a normal life after the Pre-Crime initiative has been shut down.

However, his visions are still as vivid and frequent as ever, and the heroine of the piece is only too happy to channel them in what she believes is the right direction.

According to the report, Spielberg is keen to recruit a big-name actor for the lead role, so expect the rumour mill to grind into gear over the coming weeks, as potential air dates and plot details are confirmed…

George Wales

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