Minecraft Epic Rap earns mad geek cred

It's been over a year since UK rapper Dan Bull issued a lyrical plea for Bethesda to get moving on a new (Elder) Scrolls game. With that goal accomplished (no doubt all thanks to Bull), the nerdcore musician has now used his talents to honor the full release of Minecraft in the appropriately named 'Minecraft Epic Rap'.

Catchy, right? Bull also created the accompanying video with friend ACEkarlstad which, while not the pinnacle of Minecraft skill, still gets points for its depiction of weiner towers, the U.S.S. Enterprise, amputated hands, and a crude recreation of Vanessa Hudgens'...uh...blocky bits?

According to Bull's Twitter feed, the Minecraft Epic Rap was produced to be played as part of this weekend's Minecon celebrations in Las Vegas. Check out his YouTube page for more creations, or pop them peepers below to check out his equally impressive GTA V trailer rap:

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