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Military iPad app looks like a real-life StarCraft match

If you're an expert at StarCraft and other RTS games, you may have the beginnings of what it takes to command real troops, all Ender's Game style. A new iPad app designed to work for real-life military operations looks a lot like a video game, but uses GPS data and other systems to track troops on the ground of a live battlefield.

It's called SoldierEyes and has been developed by a company called Textron Systems. The app can track both friendly and enemy troops on the ground, send data to military bases through secure cloud servers, and let other troops know what's in the area.

The SoldierEyes app is just one of many that have been submitted through the iTunes App Store and Android Market after the US government called for independent, non-contract developers to see what kind of military app concepts they could come up with.

Still no word on an app which will allow military commanders to instantly build massive defense towers and upgrade their troops' weapons.


Oct 27, 2010

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