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Mike Tyson finally makes a video game comeback, on iPhone

20 years ago, a little game called Mike Tyson's Punch-Out was released for the NES and has become a cult classic ever since. Now, the boxing legend is back in a 99-cent iPhone game.

Tentatively titled "Mike Tyson Mobile Game," the game puts users in the shoes of a wannabe boxing pro called Little Sammy. They'll go through bouts of boxing against 10 different opponents. Defeat all of them, and you'll get to take on Tyson.

Above: Yep. No mistaking it... that's good ol' Iron Mike there

The game is being developed by Rock Software, a company that has specialized in creating sports legend apps. Rock has previously released the Terrell Owens app, the Floyd Mayweather app, and is also working on apps for Evan Lysacek, Carmelo Anthony, and the Cincinnati Bengels.

These apps are focused on providing users with info like the athletes' event schedule, links to their official websites, and photos and videos.

Above: Rock Software's Terrell Owens app

But when Rock got the go-ahead to do a Mike Tyson app, it decided to take a different approach. It'll be a full-fledged boxing game at an unbeatable price of $0.99.

Company CEO John Shahidi even had a bit of fun with the competitors in the game who aren't Tyson, using people from his own life as inspiration. "There’s my high school buddies. Tyler is a friend who was a bully; Luke is another friend who was the first of my friends to have kids; Franco (Italian boxer) is my best friend and lawyer," said Shahibi in aMashableinterview.

Rock Software plans to increase its revenue stream from the game by offering new opponents for premium prices. Given its partnerships with so many professional athletes, it would be awesome to see other sports stars in the game.

But all we really care about is that Mike Tyson is back, in a 21st century video game. That's nothing but sheer awesomeness (even if it is an iPhone game, and not a console release).

Oct 14, 2010

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