Mike Myers finds a director for his Guru

Looks like Mike Myers has found someone to help him get over the trauma of the fact that his last cinematic appearance was The Cat In The Hat, a pain that can only slightly be soothed by the mountains of cash he gets for voicing Shrek.

Yes, Marco Schnabel will direct a film based around one of Myers’ characters, Indian Guru Pitka. Announced as an untitled project early last year, the comedy has been gestating slowly as the comedian took the character to New York comedy clubs to hone what will almost certainly not be a terrible racist caricature.

With a script co-written by Myers and Graham Gordy, the movie is now hunting for a 2008 release spot on Paramount’s schedule, and then we all get to see Pitka help a squabbling couple solve their romantic woes.

And just who is Schnabel? He has no actual directing credits to his name, but he has a big plus – he’s worked on all the Austin Powers movies and is apparently a protégé of Jay Roach. So he knows how to wrangle Myers…