Mighty magical footage

Friday 7 July 2006
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic gives you a huge choice when it comes to offing your enemies: do you use big pointy sticks, iced flagstones or hot, hot fingertip-fire? We've conjured up some new footage to show you the sort of magical mayhem on offer to aspiring mages, so click the movie tab and take a peek.

There're plenty of spells on show here to ignite your interest - see lightning bolts, guided fireballs and the brilliant shrink-o-spell in action. Make sure you pay attention to catch a demonstration of an adrenaline-boosted telekinesis spell, enabling you to haul orcish brutes into the air, bash them around and then launch them into a nasty bed of spikes.

We'll be getting our gauntlets bloody with a Dark Messiah hands-on next week, so stick around for a spell, alright? See what we... sorry.

Above: With more than 10 spells to learn, Dark Messiah gives you some exciting magical options

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