Midway still Rampaging

Midway is once again raiding its arcade heritage; this timeto bring back theskyscraper-bashing Rampage to PS2 and GameCube in the form of Rampage: Total Destruction.

While the original game featured just three monsters - George the Ape, Lizzie the Dinosaur and Ralph the Wolf - Total Destruction has a total of 30 creatures to unlock, including newleviathansGilman the Blowfish and Marco the Shark.

For the uninitiated, the premise of Rampage isn't particularly sophisticated or complex, but is immensely satisfying. Just control your oversized critter and let them loose on an unsuspecting city, tearing down buildings, crushing cars, and squishing hapless folk underfoot. The trick is creating enough mayhem before the cops and military put an end to your fun.

The game is now fully 3D and as cartoony and manic as ever, with a new array of power-ups that could make your monster bigger and happier, or send them into fits of projectile vomiting. Either sounds fun, in its way.