Microsoft Flight Simulator mod turns PS5 and Xbox Series X into 60-story buildings

(Image credit: Microsoft / Oh_Gaz)

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now home to kaiju-sized versions of both PS5 and Xbox Series X, thanks to a clever modder.

Reddit user Oh_Gaz shared the creations, which placed 200-meter-tall versions of the upcoming next-gen consoles on each of their company's respective headquarters. Here's a huge PS5 looming over the streets of Minato, Tokyo.

I built & placed a 200m PS5 at Sony HQ from r/PS5

I know the PS5 dimensions are big, but landing a plane on it? This is ridiculous! And here's an equally titanic Xbox Series X commanding the skyline of Redmond, Washington.

I modelled a 200m SeriesX for Microsoft's HQ @ Redmond from r/xboxone

Oh_Gaz modeled the consoles and added them to the PC version of Microsoft Flight Simulator - you won't find them while you're out flying yourself, though you may find a cavernous pit somewhere in Brazil.

The Flight Sim versions are pretty darn close to their real-life counterparts, right down to the little details, though they do have a few creative liberties. For instance, it only looks like the top grill of Xbox Series X glows… though if I was the architect in charge of making a skyscraper version of the console, I would probably opt for lots of colorful green lights too.

Microsoft Flight Simulator recently added more detailed recreations of the Tokyo metropolitan area, as well as Mount Fuji and other Japanese landmarks. They didn't include any building-sized consoles at the time, but thankfully the modding community was around to correct that oversight.

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