Microsoft DOES have a sense of humour!

So far we've managed to ignore the tsunami of April Fool's jokes that's rampaged across the internet (we think), but Microsoft's put too much effort into its own tomfoolery to be ignored.

The Xbox 360 Wireless Helmet, Xbox Live: The Board Game and Xbox 360: Vintage Edition are among the spoof products on the newly updatedofficial site, as well as slimmed down 'Recon Edition' which looks straight out of Tom Clancy.

Second party dev Rare has evenjoined in the fun, posting five "possible scenarios" for the new Banjo-Kazooie, and apparently one of them is real. We reckon it's the one about Grunty's T.I.T.

See the full selection of Microsoft's gags in the pictures below.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 1, 2008