Mickey Mouse makes Disney Dreamlight Valley into a horror game

Disney Dreamlight Valley
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If you thought Disney Dreamlight Valley was a relaxing and jolly Animal Crossing-esque life-sim filled with quests, exploration, and a heap of friendly faces from Disney and Pixar, think again. It turns out the land of Dreamlight Valley can be a pretty scary place to be if Mickey Mouse is around.

This revelation was shared by Twitter user Chwistopher | DLV Hell, who posted footage of a character cheerfully running around in search of buried treasure when Mickey Mouse suddenly appears as if out of nowhere. Initially, the player attempts to snap a selfie with the famous mouse, but he's clearly camera shy and looks the other way. Either that or he doesn't want any photographic evidence. 

Things take a turn for the worse when the player tries to ditch Mickey by making a run for it. As you can see from the footage below, the iconic character chases after the player, who pleads for the mouse to leave them alone. "Get away from me, Mickey!" they cry. Eventually, the player reaches the safety of their house, and who's waiting inside for them but Mickey Mouse with a wide grin and a cold stare. The player, so shaken by the day's events, decides to shut down the game, which means they're now safe from the mouse… probably.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Emeralds

Disney Dreamlight Valley emerald mined in forest of valor

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You'll need Disney Dreamlight Valley Emeralds for a few quests

Mickey's stalker-like behaviour isn't the only thing Disney Dreamlight Valley fans have to contend with; there's also Donald's short temper, which is leading some players to suggest he seek anger management. It's worth noting that the game's still in early access, so we could see characters acting a little less quirky in future updates. 

The first DLC for Disney Dreamlight Valley was announced during last week's Disney Marvel showcase. The upcoming expansion will let you pal around with beloved characters from Pixar's Toy Story like Woody and Buzz Lightyear. 

Check out the Disney Dreamlight Valley roadmap to see what the future holds for this new life-sim.

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