Disney Dreamlight Valley players want Donald to seek anger management

Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald and WALL.E
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Disney Dreamlight Valley players are growing tired of Donald's unhinged antics and are suggesting that he receive some anger management in a future update as one of the more unhinged Disney Dreamlight Valley characters.

As reported by several players in the Disney Dreamlight Valley subreddit, Donald appears to be even more unhinged than usual. The sailor and friend of Mickey Mouse is known for his short temper, but it looks as though he's gotten even worse in the relaxing life sim. One player has shared a video of what looks like Donald getting into a heated argument with a kitchen cabinet. You can see this for yourself below. 

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Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer

Disney Dreamlight Valley

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There is no Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer right now, but it may come in the future

We're not sure what the piece of furniture did to anger Donald so much, but as another player has suggested, it would be a wise idea for the Disney mascot to seek out some anger management classes as he "really messes with the vibe of the game when he has an episode." If you didn't know, in order to find Donald in the game, players must rescue him from a portal he's trapped in. A move one player wished we didn't have to complete in the game due to him being "so annoying to listen to."

Some players have resorted to making memes about Donald to help cope with his annoying outbursts and honestly, we don't blame them. Not to worry though, considering Disney Dreamlight Valley is technically in early access at the moment, there's a lot of room for improvement. 

In fact, just last week developer Gameloft revealed that it plans to roll out the game's first ever update - after releasing the game almost a week ago - as soon as next week. The patch notes for this update don't explicitly mention Donald, but we're sure it won't be long before one of them does. 

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