Michelle Rodriguez stars in new image from Machete Kills

[ Click on the image to see it in hi-res ]

Machete Kills has released a new image online, featuring Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez as two of the most badass Mexicans you could hope to encounter.

The new image shows the two compadres in his-and-hers bandito gear, with Trejo's leather vest and jeans combo countered by a double-denim number from Rodriguez. It's the eyepatch that really completes the look, mind…

The new film will see Machete recruited by the President of the United States (played by one "Carlos Estevez" no less…) in order to help him thwart the machinations of an evil arms dealer.

Said criminal is planning to engineer widespread war and mayhem across the planet, thus creating more and more demand for his weaponry. Seems like a well-considered plan, right? Well he hadn't counted on Machete!

Directed by Robert Rodriguez and co-starring Jessica Alba, Mel Gibson, Amber Heard and many, many more, Machete Kills will open in the US on 4 October 2013, with a UK date yet to be announced.

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