Michael Keaton goes noir

Whenever something is described as “in the vein of Blade Runner”, we tend to worry. There is, after all, pretty much only one Blade Runner. And a new film trying to tap into that vein pretty much ends up a bloody mess.

But we’re hoping Reaper will be a different kettle of noir fish. And not only because it comes from the pen of comic book/video game developer- and former Total Film writer – Gary Whitta, but also because of the presence of Michael Keaton in the movie. A neo-noir actioner, Reaper will see Keaton’s hard-bitten gumshoe (is there any other kind?) who is recruited for an investigation by the mysterious and sexy Delia. But he suddenly finds that working for her is not your average missing persons’ case – he delves into a surreal and seamy underworld, one where the link between life and death, not to mention right and wrong go all blurry around the edges. Chuck in the fact that he finds out unwelcome truths about the fate of his own missing daughter, and you have at least the ingredients for a decent thriller. Now all director Scott Kalvert needs to do is not screw it up. He starts lensing later in the year.