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Watch: Mia Wasikowska is spooked in new Crimson Peak clip

You might have to watch the latest clip from Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak behind a cushion (depending on how much of a scaredy-cat you are) because even Mia Wasikowska is freaked out by the ghostly goings on in her new home.

It doesn't start off too badly, with our young heroine taking an innocent walk down a murky corridor, minding her own business... but hang on, what’s that banging noise coming from behind that door? Bad move Mia.

The new film sees Wasikowska play a young American author who moves to England after falling in love and marrying Tom Hiddleston. Unfortunately for her, he lives in a decidedly creepy mansion with his unfriendly sister (played by Jessica Chastain), where the bumps in the night come every hour, on the hour.

Check out the new clip below…

Well, that certainly escalated quickly! Guillermo del Toro is a fiend for a well-crafted creature, and that red fellow lurking in the cupboard is a pleasingly eye-popping example.

Co-starring Charlie Hunnam and Burn Gorman, Crimson Peak will open in the UK and the US on October 16 2015.

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