MGS4 coming to 360, but not under Kojima?

We're almost getting bored now of tossingaround Metal Gear Solid 4 on 360 rumors, especially as Konami won't say a single about it on the record. But the latest rumor to hit the web is an interesting one, especially if it turns out to be true...

Everyone's under the impression that MGS4 is now a timed PS3 exclusive and that a version of the game will come out on 360 at some point after the PS3 launch. When exactly that may be though is the subject of much speculation.

OXM's rumor mole has had its own say on the matter though. According to a "bankable source" Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming to 360, but under a different team that isn't headed by Hideo Kojima. Could a separate team at Konami be already working on a 360 port?

Above: The only way to get official conformation these days

July 20, 2007