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MGS 5 made twice as much as Avengers 2 on its opening day

According to this report (opens in new tab), MGS 5 (opens in new tab) made way more money than Avengers: Age of Ultron on its opening day, clocking up $179 million globally against the film's $84 million.

Not only did the game's opening day take nearly double Ultron's, it did it on a smaller budget, costing $80M according to the report, while the film cost $250 million. Another couple of reports also say that gaming will be worth $91.5 billion this year,compared to the movie industry's $88.3. The whole 'games making more money than films' thing has been around for a while but I'd imagine that this must look like quite the return on your investment to any Hollywood types looking at the numbers. Of course, games are inherently more expensive per person too (especially accounting for Limited Edition packages), so if you're going by the number of people experiencing the product, movies may still have the more mainstream edge.

The report comes at an interesting time, considering the furore over Konami's recent business decisions and its relationship with designer Hideo Kojima (rumoured in part to be motivated by the costs of MGS 5's development), not to mention the slow decline in yearly triple-A game releases.

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