Metroid Prime 4 pre-order page listed then deleted by Amazon right before today's Nintendo Direct

Metroid Prime 4
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Update: Sadly, our hopes of finally seeing something on Metroid Prime 4 were dashed as the game was a no-show at today's Nintendo Direct. The blow was softened considerably, though, by the fact that Metroid Prime Remastered has finally been announced, and what's more, you can play it later today.

Original story: A Metroid Prime 4 pre-order was briefly available on Amazon before being quickly taken down.

Earlier today, on February 8, Twitter account Wario64 noted that Amazon had put up a new pre-order page for Metroid Prime 4, listing the new title for $59.99. A few hours later, however, Amazon had taken down the page entirely, listing Metroid Prime 4 as 'Temporarily unavailable' instead.

This isn't helping the near-constant speculation of Metroid Prime 4 resurfacing. Considering a Nintendo Direct is due to air today, this Amazon listing has only heightened anticipation that the long-awaited sequel will finally rear its head again.

It should be noted that Metroid Prime 4 pre-orders did exist before the new listing was put up earlier today. Back when the sequel was unveiled over five years ago, users could put down their pre-orders for Metroid Prime 4 on sites like Amazon and BestBuy. If you look at the responses to Wario64's tweet, you'll see many of those original pre-order customers still going strong today.

It takes a lot of faith to maintain your pre-order for a game after it's changed studios and completely restarted development, it must be said. Metroid Prime 4 has been missing in action since this development five years ago, and we're no closer to knowing anything more about the game now than we were in 2018.

Here's hoping today's Nintendo Direct finally brings good news for people who've been desperately hoping for news of Metroid Prime 4 since it went dark years ago. The excellent Metroid Dread might've come and gone since then, but a return to the spin-off adventures of Samus would still be a treat.

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