Metro Exodus PS5 version doesn't support save transfer

Metro Exodus
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Metro Exodus saves won't transfer on PS4 to PS5 but a new chapter system has been implemented. 

Metro Exodus has gotten the next-gen treatment, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions now love. Owners of the PS4 and Xbox One versions will get a free upgrade of the game, which brings with it enhanced features. However, there are restrictions with save transfers on Xbox and it's not possible at all on PS5. 

In a post about the update, 4A explained the new system Metro Exodus employs instead of save transfers for PlayStation players. The game now features a chapter system, where you can jump to any point in the story. You just won't be able to bring your personal progress and resources with you. 

4A explains: "We added a Chapter Unlock feature to both the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 console versions, for players who do not want to play through again but want to see a particular level with the new features. This provides a default set of equipment and resources at the start of the selected chapter. 

There are further limitations to this system though, and that comes with achievements being turned off. 

"Achievements are turned off for the save slot when the unlock button is pressed. However we highly recommend you play through again, to get the best experience, and maybe a different ending."

On the Xbox Series X/S side of things, there is a better deal, though not without some limitations. Save files will be able to be transferred from the Xbox One to the new systems, but only at chapter breaks. If you are in the middle of a chapter, it's advised you reach a chapter break before updating. However, all of your equipment and resources will travel with you in the process. 

The Metro Exodus next-gen update brings a ton of visual enhancements, many focused on ray-tracing, allowing light to more realistically travel through a room. There is also a FOV slider and new 4K textures added to the game. 

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