Metro developer 4A Games is hiring for a new IP

Metro Exodus creature fight
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Metro Exodus developer 4A Games is hiring a number of staff for a new IP.

As spotted by PSU, the 4A Games career page currently lists several dozen job roles, with the developer telling potential employees that it's hiring for "multiple projects." Of those, six are dedicated to the development of a new IP.

4A Games hasn't revealed much about its new property, but it's possible to glean some information from the job listings. It looks like the project is still in its early stages - both environment concept artist and creatures concept artist listings mention the "opportunity to co-create the visual style" of the game, while listings for senior game designer and lead game systems designer mention the creation of design documentation.

Listings also suggest that 4A won't be veering too far from the work it's already known for. Multiple listings mention use of the studio's in-house development engine, as well as a "passion for FPS games." That would imply that the studio is hoping to build on its experience developing the Metro series, the entirety of which is played in first person. The mention of "creatures" could also mean that it's not veering too far from nuclear apocalypse-fuelled roots.

Despite the new IP on the horizon, Metro fans need not worry. 4A Games has recently been working on the next-gen version of the game - a PC version arrived in May, with PS5 and Xbox Series X ports launching last month. Last year, the developer also announced that a new game in the series was in development for next-gen consoles. As well as taking advantage of the improved hardware, the new game will also incorporate multiplayer elements into the series for the first time. 

Currently, there's no word on when either of these upcoming projects will see the light of day. Metro Exodus released in early 2019, which might suggest the series' next installment would be reasonably far along. That said, there was a six-year gap between Exodus and 2013's Last Light, punctuated only by Metro: Redux and VR project Arktika 1, which might mean we're some time away from a return to post-apocalyptic Russia. If that's the case, then the pre-production status of this new IP is likely to mean it's even further away.

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