Metal Gear Solid HD Collection delayed in Europe to 3 February 2012

Konami has confirmed that the release date for the recently delayed European release of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is 3 February 2012. The super massive mega bundle (which compiles Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater, Peace Walker and the old-school MSX original MGS and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake) was originally scheduled for a release in Europe later this year. The US release date is still 8 November.

Konami has explained that the HD Collection has been delayed in Europe because it wants to "bring the best possible Metal Gear Solid experience to our loyal fans... Thank you for your patience as we strive to bring you your favourite Metal Gear titles in 1080P and 60 frames-per-second!"

So European MGS fans - you might as well stay hidden in that box for a little while longer.

Matt Cundy
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