Metal Gear Solid 5 update seemingly begins and ends at updated user agreements

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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain just got an update on all platforms, but it appears to only change the agreement process within the game.

Earlier today on February 9, an update was published for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain on all platforms. If you check the patch notes for update 1.21 for the 2017 game, you'll find that it only details a "modification of the agreement process" as the sole contents of the new patch.

This is slightly bewildering, since the patch itself comes in at well over 3GB on all platforms, a huge change for some tweaks to the terms and conditions. After contacting Konami, the developer confirmed that the patch is indeed focusing purely on addressing "the way personal information is protected in various countries," and doesn't affect the actual game itself.

The update for Metal Gear Solid 5 extends across all versions of the game. No matter if you own the 2017 original, or the Definitive Edition that bundles together the original game and prequel Ground Zeroes, you'll have to download the new update before you can begin playing.

In other Metal Gear-related news, a single modder is attempting to recreate Metal Gear Solid 3 within The Phantom Pain. The ambitious project was posted to the official Metal Gear subreddit last week, and has gained a ton of traction with fans, some of which have even signed up to help the lone modder where they can. Recreating Metal Gear Solid 3's Virtuous Mission in The Phantom Pain is certainly no small task, so the modder is looking for all the help they can get.

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