Metal Gear Solid 3D comes out March 8 in Japan

When we first saw a 3D remake for Metal Gear Solid 3 during E3 2010, it was a pretty exciting concept. In the nearly 18 months since, that proposition lost some of its impact, especially considering the game was rereleased in HD form just weeks ago with little word on the 3DS version. Now we at least have confirmation that the game exists enough to have a release date in Japan, as it’s planned to hit stores March 8.

At a Japanese press event for the Metal Gear HD releases, Konami finally gave a release date for one of the first titles shown off on the 3DS. Once rumored for release this year, we’d at least seen a steady stream of info on the remake, including new screens from Tokyo Game Show, but now we have something more concrete. In recent years Konami has kept the US and Japan release dates pretty close, with the US release sometimes happening before the Japanese one. Will this title stick to that tradition, giving us some portable Naked Snake early next year?

Source: Andriasang

Henry Gilbert

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