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Merlin Season 4 Exclusive! Its Back To A Full 13 Episodes

Originally the BBC reported that the fourth series would be only 10 episodes, but not any more

The next Merlin series will have a 13 episodes, despite earlier reports that the run would be reduced to 10, the BBC has told SFX .

SFX discovered this while interviewing executive producer Johnny Capps for the next SFX Special ( Best Of British , out on 28 March), and the BBC has now officially confirmed the story.

“We’re no longer reduced episodes,” says Capps. “We’re 13 again. There was talk there would 10, but there will be 13. We were very lucky with series three – it was hugely successful and we built our audience throughout, so I think the BBC now sees it as one of their most important Autumn dramas, especially for a Saturday night.”

The feature in the SFX also has a load more tantalising titbits about series four and here are a couple to whet your appetite.

SFX : Will the knights be a permanent fixture, or will they just feature every now and then?
JC: “The knights are important characters throughout the series. They are around a lot. In series four Camelot has changed to a certain degree. Uther is a broken man, so Arthur has to take a little bit more control. And he has managed to keep the knights around. People are surprised that he has given these people that aren’t of noble birth the title of knight. So there’s an interesting tension around him and his posse of knights.”

SFX : Will the series open with a two-parter again?
JC: “Yes. It’s being written by Julian Jones, who wrote the series three opening two-parter and the season finale. Alice Troughton, who directed ‘Eye Of The Phoenix’ will be directing it.”

SFX : Can you let us know any other writers?
JC: “Episode three is written by Howard Overman. Howard is an extraordinary writer because he can totally switch from Misfits to Merlin to naturalistic drama. He’s one of the few writers I know who can switch genres so easily.”