Mercs 2: Better looking on PS3?

The world is going GTA IV crazy - and quite rightly so - but we've also been catching up with another anticipated open-world action game, Mercenaries 2. Developer Pandemic were on hand at a recent EA event, with senior producer Jonathan Zamkoff ready to update us on the Venezuelan bang-fest.

First, Zamkoff kicked off with a status report on the two console versions. Currently the Xbox 360 version leads the way, with the Sony-bound edition yet to be properly optimised for framerates and the like - though remember that both versions are still at a very early pre-Alpha stage. There's a lot more tweaking to be done.

But it sounds like PS3 might actually get the better looking version in the end. Zamkoff reckons that PlayStation 3 is better than Xbox 360 at anti-aliasing, which suggests to us that Sony's version will be a sharper and perhaps more pleasing visual experience. We'll have to wait until our own eyes see the evidence to get excited, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Gameplay-wise, Zamkoff took us through some great new aspects - starting with Just Cause-style territory battles, centered around outposts dotted across the map, which you canassaultby taking on certain side missions. Roll in, smash up the defenders and then call in commandos from the factionyou're working for and your allies will gain control of the area - opening up new heli pads andplaces to buy warzone kit.

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