Mercenaries 2: "It'll be awesome forever"

Back in September we brought you the disappointing news that Pandemic%26rsquo;s open world destruction game, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames had been delayed until 2008, but, as the developer points out inits latest web blog, the extra time will allowit to makethe gameinto something that will be "awesome forever".

Pandemic willalso use the extra few months to flesh out the multiplayer and polish everything off,ensuringWorld in Flameswill beperfect when it finally hits PC, PS3, 360 and PS2 early next year.

The blog, which you can see below, also features some new game footage, with the most spectacular piece involving a bike, a bridge and a barrage of missiles.

While these blogs are a fun and informative way to let everyone outside of Pandemic just what%26rsquo;s going on, we're starting to think that if the team stopped building cardboard time machines, and dressing up as chickens, the game might justbe ready a little sooner%26hellip;

James Jarvis
Executive Producer, GR Video

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