Melissa George suffering 30 Days Of Night

Work on Hard Candy director David Slade’s 30 Days Of Night is proceeding apace, with John Hartnett already cast in the main role of a sheriff whose small Alaskan town is overrun with nasty vamps. Now there’s word that The Amityville Horror’s Melissa George will be joining him as his wife.

For the uninitiated, 30 Days Of Night is set in the frosty town of Barrow, where the sun sets and doesn’t rise for a month in every year. The sun-phobic fang club decides to take advantage of this natural quirk to turn the town into an all-you-can eat buffet. But they figure without the plucky local lawman and his devoted deputy/wife. As the battle heats up, however, the married couple face a difficult choice between saving the town or themselves.

Slade and Hard Candy writer Brian Nelson have adapted the film from Steve Niles’ lauded 30 Days Of Night graphic novel, and shooting will start later this year in New Zealand, ready for a planned October 2007 release.

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