Megaman X7 Cheats

Megaman X7 Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by gents


    At character selection screen while holding select choose X to get one his Armor.

  • PS2 | Submitted by warmaster21

    Tips for Beating Some of the Bosses and Some Stages

    The best boss to start of betting is the jungle one, the soldier stonekong (or something like that) when you get to him, immediately run to the left, jump to that platform, be axle. you need to get to that section within 1 second or take a lot of damage from his charge. just stay on a different section then him, 1 of the other 3 platforms. keep shooting him. if he shoots his shield around the ring, when it gets close jump and hover. when he jumps onto the power core, and he throws the 2 rocks. switch to Zero and double jump over them. keep shooting him until he dies. (tip, after getting the first of power up, firepower, speed, special, upgrade the firepower and speed at least once with axle. that makes the attacks stronger and you can fire faster.

    the next boss to go to is at the grand cercuit. the pig bull thing. when he charges, jump and hover, or double jump with zero( doesn't always work well). just shoot him and watch out for his grenades and the grenades from the outsiders. keep shooting him until he dies. when you see a ball form at the center, run toward the outside edges of the arena. if they are close enough to hit you, jump over them. when you win, save and go to stage select, or power up if you got any.

    you will either get mega man after you beat him down, or it might take 1 more stage to win/lose at. if you get mega man then,

    go to the under ground facility. his charge up shot goes through enemies, and does major damage to bosses, when not leveled either.
    once you get the giant armor suit, try not to get it destroyed, you'll need it in the next area. once in the chamber with the green liquid all around, you can jump into it, if you have the suit, and not die. rescue as many people as you can then go to the next are. at this giant are, you have to kill many other ride armor people, the best way is to get on top of one of the large column and charge up and shoot them when they try to launch missiles, since magmas charge up shot goes through terrain. once they are killed, you fight the boss in a force-fielded area. just stay as far away from him and shoot him until his armor is destroyed. then he jumps out, harder still. he will continually jump around making it hard to shot him. just charge up and rotate the camera to keep him on screen, when he gets remotely close release and charge and get away and repeat. if he does his volcano kick (or something simeril in name, you will here him say something then he jumps at you, wither boost or jump and boost away. continue this to kill him. after this boss, or before when you have mega man, go back to the jungle stage with zero and mega man. at one of the giant statue heads, you will need to double jump to the left onto a branch, when the head is at its highest, then you will get magmas boots, lets you glide.

    it sometimes works best to go to some stages where you can never win at yet, to rescue as many people as you can, and get mega man parts, only 4.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Eric Mesiano


    If killing red in the final level (after you killed all eight mavericks) is hard, here's how to do it. It takes a while but it works( I do this all the time) Ok first you need X and Zero. Now go through the first part until you meet up with Red. After warning flashes across the screen it starts. He has two clones that you can't damage. Instead jump to another platform. Ok now lets start! First Start as Zero and jump to RED until there is one platform between you and him. Then face him, jump up don't double jump) and press triangle. ZERO will fire a homing light missile that will home on RED. now if you get too close he'll hit you with a slash! dash and jump to another platform to avoid this. now good thing the missile has homing ability because right after he flashes white (that tells you you hit him) he'll try to hit you with a slash! his second attack is easy. three platforms will have a tornado on it. you will be hurt by this but if you react quickly you can avoid this. oh try not to let him teleport on the platform you're on! if he does, dash and jump to another platform but hurry! continue this and use your life sub tanks to refill health! if you have none left and Zero's health is down don't forget X! Switch to X and continue the pattern but this time use fully-charged buster shots and the giga attack to really put the pain on him continue this until he dies!

Megaman X7 Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by gents

    Get X's Ultimate Armor

    The large blue things are X's Armor, look for them here:
    In the Lava stage In the 1st part of the stage down low
    In the Airplane stage - In the 2nd part of the stage look in the airplane room.
    In the Computer stage - In the 2nd part of the stage (use the portals to get there)
    In the Jungle stage - Go past the Spike area and look for 2 stone spitting rocks that you jump on to get to the Top left to get to a tree branch.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get X

    Beat 2 bosses OR save 64 hostages/robots

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Zero

    Play as Axl and he will be unlocked after you play a while

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Jungle Stage lives

    As soon as you warp into the stage zoom in behind you to get the extra life. Keep coming back there to keep getting lives

Megaman X7 Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by The Raptor

    Get the Explosion Weapon for Axle

    Beat the tunnel base level. after you beat the boss a message will appear saying that u have the weapon Explosion. to use this weapon use the right thumb stick to switch through your weapons.