Meet the Volturi

New pics are online of the Volturi, the ancient, deadly vampire clan from The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Played by Michael Sheen (Aro), Dakota Fanning (Jane), Christopher Heyerdahl (Marcus), Jamie Campbell Bower (Cauis) and Cameron Bright (Alec), they're among the more powerful fang club members to crop up in the Twilight series.

Resident in Volterra, Italy, these thousand-year-plus-old creatures act as enforcers, making sure that the vampire population remains largely unknown to humans and are naturally narked when they learn of Bella's relationship with Edward.

To us, they look like the scariest goth club you ever met at school, plus their dad and grandad. But we wouldn't say that to their faces.

Check out their posters and some new pics below, with thanks to MovieWeb . New Moon arrives on 20 November.

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