Meet the 3 heroes of Netflix's Skylanders Academy (also Norm Macdonald)

Activision and Netflix are almost ready to debut their new animated series based on Skylanders. The goofball adventures of Spyro, Stealth Elf, and Eruptor are headed to the video streaming service on October 28, and you can get an early look at the action in the trailer above.

Work on the show was announced in late 2015, when Netflix and Activision revealed that Futurama showrunner Eric Rogers was leading the production with voice talent from Justin Long, Ashley Tisdale, Jonathan Banks, Norm Macdonald, and more. It's being positioned as a kid-friendly show, but anything with Norm Macdonald in it is bound to have at least a few off-kilter laughs for grown-ups to appreciate.

Here are the three heroes at the center of the series, though you can expect ample appearances from the rest of the massive Skylanders roster.


Party animal (dragon). Loves to reminisce about old PlayStation games.

Stealth Elf

Evasive. Clever. Never hesitates to misuse a sheep.


You might call him hot headed. But very warm with his friends.

...and Norm Macdonald, er, Glumshanks

The green one. Struggles with depression. Prone to doing guest spots on Conan.

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Images: Netflix/Activision

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