Meet the newest Captain America, Aaron Fischer, in United States of Captain America #1 preview

United States of Captain America #1
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Captain Americas from the past and present are banding together for a road trip-style adventure which begins in this week's The United States of Captain America #1 (of 5) (opens in new tab). Halt & Catch Fire creator Christopher Cantwell and artist Dale Eaglesham are taking Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and more on the hunt for the Captain America shield.

"The shield has been stolen! No one understands the value of the shield like those who've wielded it, so Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson set out on a road trip across America to chase down the thief," reads Marvel's description of United States of Captain America #1. "And for some reason, the shield thief wants them all dead. Can Sam and Steve get to them first?"

Back when the United States of Captain America was announced, Cantwell said the series is intended "explore what the idea of Captain America means at this precise moment—not just on the grand stage of the world—but to everyday and often overlooked communities throughout the United States."

"This story is ultimately structured like a 'road movie,' harkening back in ways to old Bob Rafelson and Hal Ashby films, with Steve Rogers (and soon Sam Wilson, and later… other key members in Steve's life) getting to directly interact with those he represents as a symbol and has sworn to protect, but in an up-close and personal way he hasn't experienced in a while," Cantwell continued.

And while it's the backup story, writer Josh Trujillo and artist Jan Bazaldua's 'Tracks' story has been for many the selling point of the issue, as it introduces Aaron Fischer, the first in a new line of community Captain Americas that the series will map out.

"Aaron Fischer is a big-hearted, queer runaway from Missouri," Trujillo told Newsarama recently. "He's 19 years old, he makes spontaneous decisions, he gets dumb tattoos, and he cares a lot about people. Despite his tough exterior, he's friendly, kind, and selfless. He's also a little bit of a heartbreaker."

Here's a preview of that back-up, along with a design sheet for Fischer:

"I hope readers see Aaron's playfulness and his compassion. I also hope they learn more about his mission, and where he might fit into the Marvel Universe," Fischer continues. "He's a nomad in a superhero world. This is only the beginning for Aaron, and for The United States of Captain America." 

Alex Ross, who designed Bucky Barnes' Captain America costume, has painted the main cover to the United States of Captain America #1. He's joined on cover duty with variants by Bazaldua, Nick Robles, Carmen Carnero, and Todd Nauck. Take a look:

United States of Captain America #1 (of 5) goes on sale on June 30.

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