Terminator-style Wolverine is the "last mutant" in the Marvel Universe in X Deaths of Wolverine #3

X Deaths of Wolverine #3 panel
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February 23's X Deaths of Wolverine #3 doubles down on the Terminator-esque premise of the so-called 'Omega Wolverine' hunting down Moira MacTaggart on a mission from the future - with writer Benjamin Percy and artists Federico Vicentini and Dijjo Lima also revealing new details of the dire future from which Omega Wolverine hails.

And let's just say things are even worse than anyone may have thought - as Omega Wolverine reveals his status as Marvel Universe's very last mutant, along with a shocking warning about what lies ahead for Krakoa and mutantkind.

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Following Xavier and Jean Grey's encounter with the techno-organic-infected 'Omega Wolverine' that is hunting Moira MacTaggart, Xavier assigns Laura Kinney/Wolverine to hunt down the apparent future version of Logan, as the present-day Wolverine himself is unconscious while on a psychic mission. Laura enlists her sister Gabby and Logan's son Daken to help hunt down the duplicate.

At the same time, Moira continues trying to evade Mystique and Destiny who are hunting her for betraying Krakoa, while also learning of the Omega Wolverine that's pursuing her. She realizes that if a future Wolverine has come back in time to hunt her down, her plan to essentially defeat and subjugate mutantkind through embracing a techno-organic symbiosis for humanity must eventually succeed.

As such, she enlists the help of tech genius Arnad Chaklandar after he is also targeted by Omega Wolverine. Moira explains who she is, the truth about Krakoa, and her plan to stop mutants from replacing humankind as the dominant beings on Earth. Without any skepticism, Chaklandar agrees to help Moira find the technology to accomplish her goals - essentially ensuring that in some timeline, her desired future will come to pass.

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Moira's mind and memories are given a computer back-up to ensure that if she dies, she can still be resurrected despite the suppression of her mutant power to die and come back. 

Laura, Gabby, and Daken manage to track down Omega Wolverine, and after a brutal fight, Daken's super-senses recognize that the Logan they're encountering isn't a clone or an illusion, but the real deal - only from the future. 

Omega Wolverine reveals that he has to stop Moira and Chakandlar to prevent his own future timeline, where Moira succeeds in destroying all mutants, from coming to pass.

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He reveals his origin as the last living mutant in his timeline (likely the same future from which Omega Sentinel hails, and which was previewed way back in House of X/Powers of X), telling his Laura, Gabby, and Daken that he knows how all of them will die if he fails - and that the Resurrection Protocols that let mutants die and come back won't be in place forever.

With Omega Wolverine's story on the table, the other Wolverines seem to resolve to help him prevent his dark future from coming to pass, and the stage is set for the next issue. The twin saga of X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine continues in March 2's X Lives of Wolverine #4, followed by X Deaths of Wolverine #4 on March 9.

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