MediEvil: Every trailer and gameplay video we've seen so far

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We have about two weeks to wait before MediEvil releases on PS4 October 25, and we've seen a generous number of trailers since it was revealed at 2017's PlayStation Experience. The latest to reach our eyeballs is the 'Changing One's Perspective' trailer, which explores the new 'Dan Cam,' which allows you to switch to a more modern, over-the-shoulder perspective.

Since we know there's a lot to carve through, here we'll sort through every trailer and clip of gameplay footage we've seen so far, starting with the most recent. Even if you didn't catch the demo, this should give you a good enough idea of the atmosphere and gameplay before you make the decision whether or not to buy the game.

Changing One's Perspective

Changing One's Perspective is part two of 'A Bonehead's Guide to Gallowmere,' and talks about the advantages of the Dan Cam, which lets you switch from the usual top-down perspective to a behind-the-shoulder view. Considering this is the first trailer to emphasize the option to switch perspectives, this is the one to watch for modern gamers who missed the original MediEvil and likewise might not be keen on the top-down perspective. 

1998 vs. 2019 Gameplay Comparison 

If you only watch one MediEvil video in your whole life, let it be the 1998 vs. 2019 Gameplay Comparison. We're talking 33 minutes of gameplay footage complete with insightful commentary from Tim and Justin from PlayStation Underground and MediEvil producer Nick Accordino. Whether or not you're a fan of the original, the footage highlights how helpful modern tech is to creating an effective atmosphere, as well as the lengths the remake goes to stay faithful to the original.

Throughout the video, the footage switches back and forth from the 1998 original to the 2019 remake, which really does well to showcase how lovely the visuals are in the remake. "The goal was to make the game feel exactly as it did, but to have it look how your memory preserved it, but not how it actually is," says Accordino.

Using One's Shield 

Part one of 'A Bonehead's Guide to Gallowmere' teaches you how to equip your shield, which feels highly redundant considering the demo confirmed there will be a tutorial at the beginning of the game. Still, it's an odd, fun little video, and there are certainly worse ways to spend 80 seconds. 

Short-Lived Demo Trailer 

This sad, lonely, sub-minute-long trailer's only purpose in life was to reveal the Short-Lived Demo, and it did its job admirably. Unfortunately there isn't much else to this brief snippet that hadn't been seen before, but if you're going for 100% completion you can check check it out. The demo only ran through October 6, but if don't worry if you missed it - they weren't lying when they named it the Short-Lived Demo. 

A Behind the Scenes Look with Other Ocean 

I'm a sucker for behind-the-scenes stuff, so this one got my interest. Basically, it's the Executive Producer and Chief Creative Officer of developer Other Ocean talking about how they used the original game's source code to create a spiritually faithful remake. I found it super interesting, and at less than four minutes, it's not a commitment. There's also a good bit of gameplay footage to be seen, so this is one that's definitely worth checking out if you're looking forward to MediEvil. 

Story Trailer 

The story trailer was unveiled alongside the announcement that MediEvil would hit the PS4 October 25, and it does exactly what you think it does. If you didn't play the original or need to brush up on your lore, the story trailer does a respectable job introducing Sir Daniel Fortesque and his conquest against the evil sorcerer Zarok and his army of demons. The footage offers a good mix of gameplay and cinematics perfect for assessing whether this is your sort of vibe.

Announce Trailer 

While MediEvil was announced back in 2017, and later revealed in a brief teaser, the first proper trailer was released on Halloween of last year. Our first real look at the MediEvil remake confirmed that it would be an extraordinarily faithful representation of the original game, polished up with a beautifully moody color palette. 

Teaser Trailer 

The teaser trailer revealed at PlayStation Experience 2017 does very little beside teasing the existence of the MediEvil remake. For its 50-second runtime all you see is a cloud of smoke and the MediEvil logo while narrators babble on. Eventually we see the words "coming to PS4," "fully remastered," and "in 4k on your Skelevision" before the trailer ends. In all honesty, this one's appearance in this guide is a technicality - feel free to skip ahead to the next. 

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