Medal of Honor walkthrough

DO01 Running with Wolves...

Vehicle time! Actually, maybe an exclamation point was overstating it. You’re going to ride these a lot this level, but it’s all going from point A to point B, with no real hurdles in the way. Every so often you’ll be told to slow down and turn off your lights, but that’s as complex as it’s going to get. Continue until your prompted to get off the bike. Across the way your teammates are getting ready to enter a building, give them some cover by sniping the enemy above.

Follow Dusty as he enters the building nearest to you. He’ll take out a guard and continue until you run into a duo of enemies. Shoot one, he’ll take out the other. A little further down the road there’s a guard tower with a sniper, but he’s way too busy to notice a little guy with a gun on the ground. The same goes for the foe that pops up on the roof to the right. After they’re taken care of some more enemies will come out of the buildings, and you’re free to take them out as you please. As long as you stay in the building and shoot from the window there’s little chance they’ll do much damage to you. Once they’re all taken care of the door will be opened for you, and you can join up with your team.

After some dialog the team will depart, once again splitting into two. Follow your partner back to the ATVs and ride on, and continue down the path. You’ll soon find yourself looking down the sniper scope, but it’s a different type of gun this time. It’s a really, really high-powered weapon, so take time lining up your shots to blow the bad guys away, and lead them by a foot or so if they’re on the move. The first one is on the right near the fire, the second is right above him, and the next is on the top left. Zoom out to get a better view of the surroundings as you fight, and use your optics on the third one to line up the shot, blasting him through the thin wall he’s standing behind. After he’s dealt with another enemy will start going up the tower, so take him down using the optic sight as well.

Once they’re dead you’ll be putting pedal to metal again, but only for a few hundred feet. Back on your feet, stay quiet as you follow your teammate, eventually coming to a group of enemies around a truck. No matter how much you want to shoot them, try and resist the urge. Once they walk away you’ll have plenty of heads to shoot, starting with the Taliban that walks out of the door across the street. Stick to your squadmate after this, stopping when he says to, hiding when he says to, and killing when he says to. He’ll eventually climb up to get a better view and guide you to a car. Put a beacon on the roof and kill the wandering guards that come when you do, then move on to your ally and he’ll give you a boost up.

The next area is full of bad guys, but you’re going to want to avoid them. Wait until you get the go ahead and sneak into the adjacent building, stabbing the enemy inside before he has a chance to make a move. Head outside and mark the truck, than turn back around and head back into the building, shooting the guy who walks in the door. Start outside, but wait for the go-ahead from your teammate. After he gives you the signal you can head over and accept his boost up.

Follow until you run into some guards and aim for the guys up top, first. You can go loud now, shooting at the enemies you pass on the way back to the ATVs and riding them to the end of the level.

DO02 Dorothy's a Bitch

After your ally puts the sheep herder to sleep follow your team up the hill until you come upon some enemies. Allow time for your guys to surround them, firing once you’re given the signal. From here on out just follow your orders as they’re delivered. After a little you’ll come upon a group of enemies around a fire—take them out quickly, and then move on.

In the next area there’s a large battle already taking place. Enemies are firing at a large plane, and the loud combat allows you and your team to go loud. Scan the rocks for foes to slay, and try to stay in cover as you move forward.

There are a deceivingly large number of enemies on this hill, so stay alert and keep an eye out for muzzle flares. Work your way up the hill until your teammates give you some military-lingo-filled order that actually means “go put a bomb on that big anti-air gun over there.” Go do that, and then blow it up once you’re with your squad.

Follow them to the next area and you’ll, once again, be tasked with marking targets. Tag the trucks once they stop and watch the fireworks, and then follow your team to the little village ahead.Wait for the signal and tear the enemies who enter apart (or get impatient and kill them as soon as you want, like I did). Be careful not to get too ambitious and charge ahead, though—your teammates called in air support, and there’s about to be a firestorm. Find a safe spot and shoot the enemies as they charge forward, then work through the buildings. There are some holdouts hiding inside, so take them out as you go. As you exit there’s a quick cutscene, but then you’re back in business.

You’re going to come up on a big camp filled with Taliban. Find a safe spot and wait for the signal before starting the firefight. They’re all over the place, too, so stay behind cover. Once they’re clear, continue through to the AA gun and it’ll be taken out from the sky. With that gone you’re free to mark some targets, so follow your teammate until you’re prompted to do so. You’re given a choice of firepower again, so choose your poison and blow everything to smithereens.

Once there’s nothing left but blood and splinters you can follow your ally into a cave and into the area you just evaporated. You won’t have time to admire your work, however, as the gunship that has been helping you out is under attack, and you need to join up with the rest of your squad to take down the resistance. Once you meet up jump on the machine gun and hold down the trigger to blow up the nearby ammo cache. It takes a lot of bullets, but it’s literally point and shoot until it explodes.

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