Medal of Honor walkthrough

wwDT01 Neptune's Net

After some drama you’re on the ground, with only your wits and your knife. Well, actually, you’re dazed, so you don’t really have your wits, either. Walk towards the checkpoint and go through the small opening to your right. There’s an enemy standing guard, and you can get a proper weapon by plunging a knife into his neck. Gear up, picking up his silenced pistol. He drops another weapon as well, but you’re not going to need it. There’s another enemy up ahead, whose much easier to take now that you have a gun, and two more Taliban guards with their backs turned to you.

Once in the next area stay to the left, and head up the side of the hill to avoid the passing patrol. Don’t engage them, just let them pass and continue walking until you find your weapon and Mother. Follow your squadmate to the large camp ahead, and continue to the left, staying as quiet as possible. You’re going to want to take off the enemies one at a time, so let them separate before taking any shots. If you do it right, they won’t find any bodies, and you can kill them all without raising an alarm. If they find someone they’ll start fighting, but you can still shoot your way out. If you’re having problems finding people to kill, switch to night vision.

Follow Mother and listen his commands. He’ll tell you when you kill, when to hide, and when to move forward. The second time he asks you to split up you’ll need to crawl through a cavern, but there’s a big gunfight waiting for you at the other end. Jump to cover after the Taliban blows their flare and start taking out anyone you can. Once it’s safe, move towards the right, and head up to their cave for some keen gear. I’d recommend picking up the sniper rifle and keeping your standard weapon, but if you’re in the mood for a heavy machine gun I’m in no place to tell you to leave it there.

Snipe the enemies on the cliff, using your night vision to get a better look. They’ll shoot flares from time to time, which mess up the optics, so switch back to your normal view whenever you see one about to blow. Keep in mind that sniper ammo is scarce, so you’re going to want to make your shots count. Before you leave you should swap the weapon you picked for the one you left behind, since you’re likely out of ammo in the one you were using, and stock up on grenades before following Mother into a building ahead.

Looks like your friends already came through this way. As you’re investigating you’re going to come under attack, so get down when Mother tells you to and prepare for some explosions. You’ll black out for a second. When you come to you’re dazed, using only a pistol, and being dragged by Mother. Oh, and everything is in slow motion. Shoot everyone that comes at you until you’re brought to your feet, then run as fast as you can to the end of the mission.

DT02 Rescue the Rescuers

Once you’re in control start sweeping around, taking out any enemies you see with the chaingun. If there’s an enemy with an RPG kill him immediately. You’re told when one shows up, and he will be marked with a little diamond above his head to make him even easier to find. Much of the terrain here is destructible, too, so feel free to take out anything the enemy is hiding behind, but be sure not to let the gun get too hot. After this section, pick up the grenades near the tail of the helicopter, then stick behind cover while killing enemies. Follow your team as they progress but move quick; there’s a turret firing towards you.

Hide and kill anyone you can, but try and stay behind cover until your team moves forward. Head to the area on your HUD that looks like goggles and mark the turret for air support. Once it’s gone, move up and repeat the same process again, taking out enemies and marking for air. After it’s taken care of you’re going to need to go into a cave for some subterranean fighting, so put on your night vision and get out your shotgun.

The shotgun’s range is actually much further than you’d think, and you’ll be able to kill just about anything in one shot from any distance in here. Near the end of the cave there will be a room with flares, so pop off your optics. If you’re fast, you can jump up on the left and flank the enemy. Continue killing until you see daylight and meet up with some old friends.

Drop your shotgun for a sniper rifle up ahead and roll with the seals. Kill your way to the checkpoint and pick up the grenades on the right side once you’re there. In a little bit you’ll find yourself in a large battle, with a machine gunner up ahead and a few dozen enemies. Take out the guys with RPGs as you progress, and if you can get a clear shot on the gunner take him down, too. Someone will eventually take his place, but it’ll give you some time to pop his friends while the heat is off. When you get close feel free to start tossing grenades—you’re near the end, and it would be a shame to have not used them. Soon, air support will be called in, blowing up the machine gun turret. Sprint towards the end and a cutscene will signal the end of the game. Congratulations.

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