Medal of Honor walkthrough

PR00 Prologue

Sit back and enjoy the opening cutscene. Don’t freak out when things go bad, you can’t do anything about it yet.

PR01 First In

And we’re now watching another cutscene, except this one takes place a few months earlier. You’re sitting shotgun and everything seems to be going well, until your group rolls up to some guys that don’t seem interested in talking. Gunfire erupts, the car crashes, and you take control.

As you work your way down the street a take few enemies will slowly make their way towards you. Take them out and continue following the path, watching for grenades. When you get to the end of the road there are three enemies on the rooftops ahead, but they’ll fire at your allies before they take a shot at you. Once they’re dealt with you should make your way to the checkpoint, but be careful; there might be a hidden enemy on the balcony you just cleared.

The only resistance you’ll meet in the building ahead is a defenseless enemy in the hall. After you get to the other side it opens up into a courtyard filled with baddies. There are a few enemies up in the bombed out buildings, so try and stay in cover as you take them out. Once the area is clear, Voodoo will walk up to a door and wait for you to breach it.

By “breach” they mean “kick,” and don’t expect anything especially epic on the other side of the door until later in the level. Here, there’s only one guy. After filling him with lead, shoot out the fuse box next to the door and equip your night vision (you’ll be prompted with the button). The next few rooms are filled with enemies that are effectively blind, so take them out with melee to avoid detection. If they start firing feel free to return the favor, but there’s little chance they can do enough damage to actually take you down. At the top of the stairs there’s another door to breach, and a few more blind enemies to plug before you can head outside and take your night vision off.

Look familiar? This was the courtyard from a few minutes ago. Don’t admire the view for too long, the room to your left has a trigger-happy enemy. Once he’s dead, follow Voodoo through the door and to the next encounter: a group of enemies firing on your teammates. Cut them down and head through the door to the right with your reunited team.

There’s a machinegun nest in your path, but don’t bother trying to kill the gunner. Your next objective is to flank the target, so follow the path, sprinting and crouching if you find yourself under too much fire.Follow the path until you get to a dead end, taking out the enemies on the rooftop ahead. Their death will trigger a cutscene, with the building crumbling under your feet. Luckily, it falls right on the head of the machine gunner. Not really a traditional flanking maneuver, but it will do.

Voodoo will kick open the door ahead, so follow his lead and head into the next area. There are a few enemies up the stairs, and then some to the left once you’re at the top. Continue in that direction and Voodoo will boost you to the next level. If you find yourself running low on ammo, now’s a good time to ask an ally for some.

The next area, a playground, is swarming with enemies. There are some on the balcony to the right, some on the left, and a few brave souls that will just charge the center. Crouch behind the cover in the ruined building near where you came in and clean them up. You’ll be told to move up after they’re cleared, but be careful; some guys pop up on the wall ahead. Knock them off.

After your teammates destroy the double doors with a grenade, follow them through while keeping an eye on the building ahead. Once you’re close, two enemies to kick the door open (or “breach” it, I suppose). When they’re disposed of you can go inside the building and up the stairs, triggering another cutscene.

Once it’s over, follow the team through the door and down the alley. After you get into a more open area music will kick in, and enemies will begin making their way towards you. A few guys are running on top of a building to the left. Take them down and start towards the rest, keeping watch for RPGs. Be careful; on the left, a garage door is going to fly open—take down the guy inside before he gets the drop on you. The upcoming area is swarming with foes. The one in the back is firing the rockets, so take him down first before clearing out the rest in any order.

Next, you’ll arrive at a fort. Wait for the air force to do their job and blow the door into splinters. Run through the falling debris into the next area and be wary of the machinegun nest ahead. Work your way up while staying in cover and shooting any enemies you can afford to kill without popping out for too long. You’ll eventually see a door on the left—go to it, and kill the enemy that jumps out once you’re there.

Turn on your night vision for a few seconds to get a better look at the enemy on your left. After that just follow the trail, taking Voodoo’s boost once he offers it. There’s an enemy with his back turned ahead, and after he’s dealt with you can run out and kill the machine gunner, who is holding the rest of your team down. Follow your squad to the next area and pick up the sniper rifle near the boxes.

Now, use it to blow the enemies’ heads off around the building to support your teammates on the ground. After the first wave a second, bigger group of enemies will show up, each parking behind a box. Kill them all, and then follow Mother to regroup with your allies. In the building ahead there’s a box of grenades; you know what to do with them.

Watch your corners in the next area, there are a few enemies laying in wait. Once the area is clear you’ll see the team crowd around a building. Choose a door, kick it open, and kill everyone inside. A few rooms of enemies later you’re at another door in need of breaching, but, this time, it actually triggers a slow motion segment. Pop the hostage taker and plug everyone else you can. A cutscene will end the level.

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