Medal of Honor gets Airborne

The Medal of Honor series will return this winter - EA has announced Medal of Honor: Airborne for current and next-gen machines. That's PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360 in case you were wondering.

Winging players into the conflict as new character Private Boyd Travers, Medal of Honor: Airborne is set to give the weary series a jolt, with each mission kicking off with a parachute drop into enemy territory.

While it's hardly a dramatic departure from the old Medal of Honor formula - fight your way to Hitler's doorstep through the battlefields of Europe - the developer's promise of intense and fully interactive airborne insertions should at least add to the atmosphere.

Exactly how you'll control your descent to Earth is unclear right now, as is the size of the free roaming environments promised. We're out on reconnaissance to learn more about Medal of Honor: Airborne, and will have an update for you in double time.

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