McConaughey signs for New Line

Another year, another Matthew McConaughey rom-com. With his 2006 effort Failure To Launch raking in over $122 million worldwide, it’s no surprise that New Line have secured the white-toothed wonder for another bout of romantic silliness.

Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past sees McConaughey heading to the wedding of his younger brother, where he is visited by the ghosts of his past squeezes. The tale has been scribbled by Hollywood re-write specialists Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.

McConaughey is also working with New Line on The Grackle, a darker comic tale about a New Orleans brawler who pimps himself to members of the public as a problem-solver. For 250 notes, the bar-room slugger will use any means necessary to end a dispute.

Matty will put his producer's hat on for The Grackle, overseeing the project for his company j.k. livin’ – working from a script penned by Chris Poole and Mike Arnold.

The Grackle will begin shooting early next year once McConaughey has laid Ghosts to rest.