Max Payne movie starts shooting in March

The Max Payne movie is taking a step closer to a cinema near you in March, which is when shooting of the flick starts.

According to reports, filming will wrap up in early May, which presumably means we'll get to find out how awful - or not - it is toward the end of the year.

In November 2007, we reported that ex-rapper-turned-actor Mark Wahlberg had landed the lead role in the movie, filling the combat shoes of the man with nothing to lose.

While most movie adaptations of videogames are utter tripe we wouldn't touch with a 20-foot pole, here's hoping the cinema rendition of the gritty bullet-dodging action series will be hot.

Come on Take-Two, hurry up and give us the third game will ya?

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 5, 2008