Matt and Maya face an emotional reunion (also hunt a killer) in Daredevil & Echo #1

Daredevil and Echo.
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With an upcoming Disney+ TV show landing on November 29, 2023 is turning into a big year for Maya Lopez - AKA Echo. We know that she will spend at least some time with Charlie Cox's returning Daredevil in that show, but if you want to see the two characters in action together before then, Marvel's upcoming Daredevil & Echo is the new comic book for you. 

The four-issue miniseries, which launches next week, is written by Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man's Taboo and B.Earl, and drawn by Phil Noto. The first issue begins with Daredevil and Elektra hot on the case of Demogoblin, who has been stalking the streets of Hell's Kitchen. It's not long, however, before Matt Murdock is forced to work with Echo once more, in what is sure to be an emotional reunion... 

We've got a preview of the first issue, which finds Matt in a reflective mood, below.

Echo is, of course, Kingpin's adopted daughter - though you have to wonder about the legal technicalities of that given that he murdered her biological father. Although she was originally sent after Murdock to assassinate him, the two fell in love, and she turned on Fisk. Since then the couple have broken up, she's died, been resurrected, possessed for a while by the Phoenix Force, and become an Avenger. No doubt they'll have a lot to catch up on in the new book.

Here's Phil Noto's cover for #1.

Daredevil and Echo side-by-side.

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Marvel's official synopsis for the issue reads:


For months, the bloodthirsty and demonic DEMOGOBLIN has been kidnapping children for reasons unknown. IN THIS SERIES, Daredevil and Echo discover why – as Demogoblin works to wake an ancient and powerful evil deep within the bowels of the city. Reunited at last with Echo, herself fresh from a brief time as the host of the Phoenix force, it falls to DAREDEVIL to stop Demogoblin and save not only the children, but everyone in New York!"

Sounds exciting! We'll find out for sure when Daredevil & Echo #1 is published on May 24.

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