Master of None season 3 trailer released by Netflix – and Aziz Ansari's Dev is nowhere in sight

Master of None season 3 trailer
(Image credit: Netflix)

The Netflix romantic comedy series, Master of None, co-created by Aziz Ansari, is back with a season 3 release date and a trailer featuring a different storyline – with Ansari nowhere in sight. 

The first two seasons of Master of None focused on Ansari's character Dev Shah, a struggling actor looking for love. The season 3 trailer chronicles the relationship between the supporting character, Dev's best friend Denise, and her partner Alicia, played by actress Naomi Ackie. 

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Ansari directed all five episodes of the new season and co-wrote it with Lena Waithe – who returned for her role as Denise.  

Season 3, as told by Netflix, describes it as, "modern love story that intimately illustrates the ups and downs of marriage struggles with fertility, and personal growth both together and apart. Fleeting romantic highs meet crushing personal losses while existential questions of love and living are raised. Season three delivers an evolution of the series that remains tethered to previous seasons while breaking new storytelling ground of its own." 

Waithe's character, Denise, also appeared in the show's first two seasons, and Waithe previously co-wrote the Emmy-winning season two episode "Thanksgiving".

Master of None has been on hiatus since season 2, which debuted back in 2017, but during that time, Ansari has released a Netflix comedy special, Right Now, in 2019. 

Master of None hits Netflix on May 23. For now, you can check out our list of the best Netflix shows

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