Master Chief's face revealed?

You know the green armor; you know the shiny visor. But can you see through it? The October 2006 issue of Official Xbox Magazine, which has reached some subscriber's mailboxes a bit early, suggests that you may have already seen Halo 3 hero Master Chief's face and not even realize it.

It comes down to obsessive viewing of the E3 game trailer, from which OXM plucked a frame where you can purportedly see Master Chief's blanched eyes, a nose and a scar on his cheek. Is it a sneak peek for eagle-eyed viewers or juts a reflection of the landscape in his helmet?

The image below isn't the frame in question - you'll need the mag to get the image. If you can't steal a copy of theOctoberissue out of a neighbor's mailbox, look for it on newsstands Tuesday (it's the one with Tony Hawk's Project 8 on the cover). Meanwhile, watch the Halo 3 trailer on Xbox Live (or our own site) 'til your eyes bleed and see what other hidden pictures you can find.

August 25, 2006