Master Chief is in Halo:Reach!

Knowing Reach is a prequel, weexpectedit to directly lead into the first Halo game. And while the ending does engage in a fair amount of fan service, we were totally expecting an obvious nod to the Spartan Above All. Whenthatdidn't happen, we felt a tad bit cheated. After all, why WOULDN'T you put one of the most popular modern game characters in your franchise-closing sequel?

Well, it turns out Bungie DID include the Chief as a very clever Easter Egg near the closing moments, and the fine men atRooster Teethcaught it on video. Minor spoilers if you don't want to see glimpses of the Reach ending!

Above: Master Chief just before the first Halo begins (again, possible spoilers!)

Above: A still from Rooster Teeth's video

If you know your Halo lore (and I barely do!), this would be Master Chief in his cryo-sleep tube, soon to be awoken by Jacob Keyes and tasked with protecting Cortana. Hm, maybe with this direct prequel out of the way, Microsoft could push out an HD update of the original Halo, taking modern advances in control and multiplayer into account. I'm telling you, the whole PS2/GC/XB era is an HD gold mine waiting to happen.

So anyway, Master Chief.

September 17, 2010

Brett Elston

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