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Massive '07 games we all forgot

December 13, 2007

Witharound 1,208,093AAA-quality games released this year (yes, that's an exact statistic), it's inevitable that some of them got left behind. Nobody's got the time or money to give every great gametheattention it deserves. But withthis unusally high number of hot titles around right now, the effect has been surprising.Games we would otherwise have been crowing about non-stop have simply been forgotten. Completely. In fact, some of them haven't been talked about in the UK GamesRadar office for months. So we looked back over the past year and picked out the big games that, in hindsight, dropped out of the collective consciousness far too quickly. And some of them are HUGE. Here we go...

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (PSP)
A fully-functional, real-time Metal Gear Solid title on PSP. You know, exactly what we were asking for after getting two turn-based MGS games and a graphic novel to whet our appetites first. So we got what we wished for and it rocks. But when did you lastboot it up? Er... you have played it, right?

Above: We're sorry! We'll talk about the game all you li-aaargh!