Mass Effect movie in the works

Since the beginning, Mass Effect has been compared to Star Wars for its richly detailed universe and compelling characters and story. The comparison is about to become even more apt, as Legendary Pictures (300, The Dark Knight) have optioned the film rights to Mass Effect. BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk are on board as executive producers, so fans of the games should be reasonably assured that the film will be true to the franchise. Mass Effect and its sequel have been described as cinematic by just about everyone who%26rsquo;s ever written about them, so we have high hopes that here, finally, is the Holy Grail of game-to-movie adaptation. If Mass Effect can%26rsquo;t be made into a good movie, no game can.

Above: Space Man versus Uncaring Cosmos: The Film

May 25, 2010