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Marvel's Spider-Man comparison video gives you a look at the jump from PS4 to PS5

YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits has created a Marvel's Spider-Man remastered video where you can see a clear comparison between the remaster on PS5 to the PS4 version running on the PS4 Pro. 

The comparison video comes hot on the web-slinging heels of recently released Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered performance footage Insomniac revealed yesterday. As spotted by PushSquare (opens in new tab), the video compares footage captured in the PS5 performance mode (opens in new tab) with the same sequences and areas shown in-game on the PS4 pro.

With graphical enhancements to make use of the PS5's hardware capabilities, the remastered version is set to improve on features such as draw-distance, which you can see an example of in the comparison. This means you'll be able to see more buildings and pedestrians in the distance than the original version. 

Along with ray-traced reflections, ambient shadows, and improved lighting, Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered also introduces a new next-gen Peter Parker, with the reveal of a new face for the friendly neighborhood superhero. The video shows the new Peter compared with the original during cutscenes, and while the face is of course the major noticeable difference, you can also see changes to the lighting between scenes, and more detailed, realistic-looking reflections on a glass bottle. 

ElAnalistaDeBits also notes that the ambient tones of the remaster appear "somewhat greyer" than the original version, and you can certainly see a bit of a difference between the two versions as Peter swings over a construction site in New York. Overall the remaster looks cleaner and more refined, and the video is a great way of seeing the jump from the PS4 Pro to the PS5 in terms of graphical improvements. 

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Heather Wald
Heather Wald

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