Marvel's Spider-Man 2 reportedly only used 10% of Venom's dialog, and cut a Miles Morales symbiote suit

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
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A Marvel's Spider-Man 2 actor has claimed the game only used roughly 10% of Venom's recorded dialog.

Venom actor Tony Todd appeared at Fan Expo San Francisco over the past weekend to talk Insomniac's sequel. According to the tweet below from an attendee, Todd claimed during a panel that the developer only used about 10% of his recorded dialog for the final version of Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

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As you can tell from the tweet above, the speculation going around now is that Insomniac is saving Venom's dialog for another project involving the character in the future. There's nothing from the developer itself to suggest this is the case, though, and it could merely be that Venom's role was originally meant to be bigger in Spider-Man 2 before being cut down.

In a follow-up tweet from the same Twitter user, Todd also apparently revealed that he recorded dialog for scenes where Miles Morales had a "symbiote." This is basically the 'Venom suit' that Peter Parker and Harry Osborn have at certain points in Spider-Man 2, so it looks like, at some point in development, there was a version of the sequel where Miles wielded the suit.

Speaking of villains, when we recently spoke to Peter's actor, Yuri Lowenthal, he said that he wanted a Spider-Man 3 to feature Across the Spider-Verse villains. "We've all played Portal and Portal 2," Lowenthal said, highlighting how a battle against the villain Spot might work, even if he admits that Insomniac is incredibly unlikely to incorporate the character.

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