Marvel's Loki TV show is a "new departure," but star Tom Hiddleston can't say why

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Tom Hiddleston - best known for impeccable British manners and playing Loki in the Marvel movies - has hinted in a new interview that the Loki TV series currently in production will see big changes for the character.

"All I can tell you is that it is called Loki. It is a new departure ... but I can’t explain why," he told The Hollywood Reporter, mysteriously. 

He could share his general, spoiler-free, feelings on the role of the god of mischief though.

"It is a constant source of surprise and delight that these films have connected with people. I knew he was a complex figure," he said. "Intelligent yet vulnerable. Angry and lost and broken and witty. I thought it was an amazing opportunity and it’s grown into this network of movies. I could never have expected it. I feel very fortunate that this character has connected with people."

The Loki TV show is being created for the Disney+ streaming service, but we don't know much more than that. Comic Book shared an image of Marvel Studios boss himself Kevin Feige at a Disney investor meeting in April that showed a logo and concept art.

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It shows Loki on a city street around the time of Jaws’ release, placing at least part of the timeline in 1975. Could it be a prequel? Could it mean time travel shenanigans? We can but wildly speculate. We do know the the Disney+ MCU shows will interact with the movies "in a very big way"

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