Marvel's Fortnite crossover makes surprise stop in Wolverine #5 - spoilers

(Image credit: Viktor Bogdanovic/Matthew Wilson/Cory Petit (Marvel Comics))

Marvel's in-continuity crossover with the hit game Fortnite is getting bigger - leading to some foul words by the X-Men's resident antihero Wolverine.

Spoilers ahead for this week's Wolverine #5.

(Image credit: Viktor Bogdanovic (Marvel Comics))

(Image credit: Viktor Bogdanovic/Matthew Wilson/Cory Petit (Marvel Comics))

After the final page of the regular story in this week's Wolverine #5, a surprise bonus page of story includes a brief bit where Logan is transported to Fortnite's alternate Earth via that familiar rainbow light.

This reveals just how Wolverine comes to be a part of the Marvel/Fortnite in-continuity crossover going on now in the game. 

Earlier this week, a Fortnite-exclusive comic book by Donny Cates and Greg Land explained the birth of the event - titled 'Nexus War' - and how Thor and Galactus came to the Fortnite world. That 10-page comic will be re-published in September 30's Fantastic Four #24.

In this Wolverine #5 one-page comic, Wolverine is transported back to Marvel's Earth as quickly as he left - but with the mutant remarking with foul language over the apparently unpleasant experience.

So what did Wolverine do in Fortnite? Well, you'll need to play the game to see it all - although Wolverine Claw Marks have already started popping up all over the game for people to find.

While the kick-off Marvel/Fortnite comic will be reprinted, Wolverine writer BenJamin Percy says this one-page bonus story in Wolverine #5 won't appear much anywhere else.

"Thanks for checking out Wolverine, Issue 5 today. The Vampire Nation is up to no good in the snowy north, and blood is the new currency on the geopolitical stage," Percy tweets, referring to the main story before the bonus page. "The issue is also a collector's item in that it features a bonus page that will not appear in any trades."

Wolverine #5 is on sale now.

For those thinking about checking out Epic's battle royale phenomenon, GamesRadar has provided a guide on how to get started in Fortnite.

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