Marvel's Defenders assemble for the first time in new Netflix pictures

Daredevil. Jessica Jones. Luke Cage. Iron Fist. By their powers combined, they are Captain Planet! No wait, sorry. They are The Defenders, and in advance of their Avengers-like team-up set to debut later this year, Marvel and Netflix have released several new images showcasing all four heroes together in one place.

The pictures come from Entertainment Weekly, and one is in fact the cover for its January issue. So try to look past all the words jumbled around the image and appreciate seeing this team-up finally come to fruition:

Should all that text prove to be a bother, EW also has more pics from its photoshoot and scenes from the show:

Lastly, EW has a behind-the-scenes video showing how the photoshoot came together, with each of the stars giving a bit of insight into the work they've put in. I have to say, big fan though I may be of Daredevil, it's Finn Jones (Iron Fist) who steals the show.

As for the show itself and its quality, we'll have to wait for The Defenders' as-of-yet unknown premiere date.

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Images: Netflix / Marvel / Entertainment Weekly

Sam Prell

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